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  • Product name:Magic Mirror
  • Model:CG-M2-002
  • Overview:Advertisment mirror

Magic Mirror Product Description

Magic mirror is one kind of mirror advertising carrier, appearance succinct and fashionable. It is a new multifunctional tailor-made smart media carrier for high-end consumers. Other print media does not match its spread advantages.Magic mirror has various modes, such as beating, gradients, flashing, etc., breaking the stiffness of traditional media pictures. It also has mirror functions, put intothe washing room, targeting males and females for advertising.

Technology:The Latest real air magnetic splashing coating technology,the specified metal layer were coated on the glass surface,with high transparency (20%-70%)and reflective(mirror surface).Also the non-conductive magic mirror glass is available for touch electricity products.

1. Mirror advertising, from which you can the advertising while looking at yourself.
2. More humane designs, more secure circuits, solid structures.
3. Adopt LED light sources, energy saving, environmental protecting, long-life
4. Solved the thickness problem of traditional media. Magic mirror becomes Ultra-thin advertising media
5. Simple and practical, which overcome the difficulty of replacement and high Cost of the traditional media.
6. Screen visual has stronger impact, which broke the traditional paper media's Without flashing stiffness
7. High concern and low interference, overcame the limitations of low viscosity and locking rats of traditional media.
8. Multi-advertises support, more choices.
Max.Size:Max.1200*2200mm, Min.100*150mm
Thickness:  4mm-10mm clear tempered glass/sheet glass
Optical tech. : Reflective about 90% when the visible light on 380-780mm .

All the mirror effect,transparency,size,thickness can be made as requested.

1.Water-proof TV,Mirror screen advertising machine, hotel mirror advertising,touching mirror glass.
2. Mirror Media player, infrared inductive advertising machine
3.Market,shop,fitting advertising mirror,mirror lift advertising design etc


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